Afterlife 1.7.3

Save the world from hell in a hot air balloon


  • Innovative storyline and gameplay
  • Lots of levels
  • Great soundtrack


  • Controls are a little cumbersome
  • Poor graphics


OK, so the storyline is a little far-fetched - you take control of the cleverly-named Rickard Bronson and must save the planet from an afterlife in hell using nothing but your hot air balloon - but Afterlife actually provides you with hours of fun. It can take a little while to master your craft but the controls can be customized and after a frustrating couple of first levels, the game turns into an action-packed romp through the dimensions of hell.

Afterlife isn't going to win any awards for its graphics, and the blocky ghosts and badly-rendered fireballs aren't exactly scarey. However, there's a decent soundtrack of music composed by the software developer with lots of tunes that can be hand-picked by you. It's a highly original adventure game, that if you have the patience to practice at will become something you can come back to time and again.

Afterlife is a massive, action-packed adventure starring daring hero Rickard Bronson, the one man who can save the world from the forces of Hell, by flying his hot air balloon into the afterlife to battle all manner of fearsome monsters and recover the ten stolen Cruciforms, the keys to the gates which separate the real world from the Thirteen Realms of Hell!

Afterlife features more than a hundred levels, including secret levels and training missions, scores of hellish critters for you to blast with your incendiary bombs and Deadly Hunting Umbrella, bosses, unlockable hidden features and extra balloons with unique abilities, a variety of addictive levels, from bloody open combat arenas to dastardly mazes and traps, and all in all, potentially over 100 hours of solid gameplay (and that's if you're good!)



Afterlife 1.7.3

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